Financial Results Nine Months 2022

• the nine months 2022 exceet reports holding costs and discontinued operations

• Group EBITDA1) EUR - 2.2 million (9M 2021: EUR -1.9 million), including costs of EUR 1.0 million arising from costs for evalutation of new strategic investment opportunities

• Cash position amounts to EUR 118 million (31.12.2021: EUR 117 million)

• As of 31 August 2022 exceet sold and deconsolidated Lucom GmbH Elektrokomponenten und Systeme

Grevenmacher, 10 November 2022 – Currently continued operation business of exceet is only related to the Corporate Business, which comprises the holding companies with its administrative costs. exceet is currently evaluating various strategic options with regard to its future. As of 31 August 2022 exceet divested and deconsolidated Lucom GmbH Elektrokomponenten und Systeme, which was already disclosed as discontinued operations and prior reports. 

The continued operating result of exceet represents the holding costs. These costs amount in Q3 2022 to EUR -1.2 million (Q3 2021: EUR -0.6 million) and a total of EUR -2.2 million for the first nine month 2022 (9M 2021: EUR -2.0 million). The increase is related to one-off costs in an amount of EUR 1.0 million related to costs for evaluating new strategic investment opportunities. The financial results comprises administrative costs for the cash deposits in Q3 2022 about EUR -0.1 million (Q3 2021: EUR -0.7 million) and EUR -0.4 million for the entire reporting period (9M 2021: EUR -0.1 million). FX results for Q3 2022 is about EUR 0.5 million (Q3 2021: EUR -0.4 million) and EUR 0.3 million for the first nine month 2022 (9M 2021: EUR 0.1 million).

As of 30 September 2022, the total assets of exceet Group amounted to EUR 119.2 million, compared to EUR 122.5 million as of 31 December 2021. 

The non-current assets amounted to EUR 1.2 million (31.12.2021: EUR 0.7 million) and increased by EUR 0.5 million due to additional financial investments in current participation.

Current assets amounted to EUR 117.9 million, compared to EUR 121.8 million at year-end 2021. The decrease of the current assets of EUR 3.9 million reflects the deconsolidation of Lucom GmbH Elektrokomponenten und Systeme.

At the end of the reporting period, exceet Group’s equity amounted, to EUR 117.6 million, against EUR 118.2 million as of 31 December 2021. This represents an equity ratio1) of 98.7% (31.12.2021: 96.5%).



exceet is currently acting without continued operating business. 

While GS Swiss PCB AG and exceet Secure Solutions GmbH have been divested in 2021, Lucom GmbH Elektronikkomponenten und Systeme was sold and deconsolidated on 31 August 2022.

Currently the operating result 2022 (EBIT) is dependent on the administrative costs for the holding companies and from costs for evaluating new strategic investment opportunities. 

The continued business currently comprises only the holding companies. For these companies exceet Group plans a loss of about EUR 1.5 million in 2022 without one-time costs related to planned investments and results from divestments.


Annex: Performance and Structural Data Nine Months 2022

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exceet is a listed holding company and pursuing an opportunistic investment approach without a defined investment strategy. The investment focus is on seizing attractive risk / reward profiles without restrictions regarding the asset class, structure or duration of such investments.